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Luxury home in Newton, Massachusetts
Luxury house in Newton, Massachusetts
Luxury property in Newton, Massachusetts
Luxury five bedroom in Newton, Massachusetts
Luxury bathroom in Newton, Massachusetts
Luxury foyer in Newton, Massachusetts

Building for today’s


LYX Group is a vertically integrated luxury real estate development company with a passion for design and architectural significance and a commitment to create an unsurpassed quality for the next era of Life+Style+Luxury.

LIFE today moves fast, our time is precious, so we focus on creating special places that bring people together to live, work and play in ease and comfort.

STLYE defines who we are and radiates how we communicate with the world around us.

LUXURY is more than a word, it’s our precise attention to the execution of fine details and our passionate desire of creating exclusive spaces.

We believe that when LIFE+STYLE+LUXURY come together extraordinary experiences are born.


(617) 326-8405

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